Monday, July 07, 2008

Please pray

as I write, the General Synod of the Church of England is debating whether and how the Church might ordain women bishops.
When the legislation went through that allows for the ordination of women as priests, there were safeguards built in for those unable to accept our priestly ministry. There is a possibility that similar measures might be part of the package this time, - which means that several thousand of us have written to our synod reps to say that we would actually prefer to wait longer and have the measure fully accepted than to live with a two tier church, in which some would undoubtedly treat women bishops as "second order". There is good coverage of the issues here. As today has gone on, I've been stopped by several people out and about in the community here, who've expressed huge support for the ministry of women together with a view that might be summed up as
"The church needs to get its act together".
I didn't expect to feel this anxious...Whatever happens, people will be hurt I think, - but please pray for minimal damage to this church that I love, despite all the institutional failings and frustrations.

Synod has voted in favour of women bishops (confirming an earlier decision that there was no theological objection to this) but with provision in place to protect traditionalists....At the moment, nobody seems able to say exactly what this provision may look like, so I'm not sure whether I'm rejoicing or lamenting, though I'm thankful to read that ++Rowan said, during the debate
"I am deeply unhappy with any scheme or any solution to this which ends up, as it were, structurally humiliating women who might be nominated to the episcopate." Goodness knows, at this stage, whether his voice will have had any influence, - but it's encouraging that he's not so punch-drunk as Lambeth looms that he can't see wood for trees in this particular jungle.


Songbird said...

Hugs and prayers, K.

Barb said...

I'm not sure what it feels like to be part of the C of E today (esp with Lambeth coming up as well), but that doesn't stop prayers coming your way. "Lord, teach us how to pray"

Jonathan Hunt said...

Again, speaking from way outside the anglican box from an ultra-conservative perspective, it makes no sense to have female ministers and not female bishops or archbishops. It also makes no sense to have a two-tier church. Ultimately I do believe that the communion will split. Good thing-bad thing? I don't know. I sort of feel like a spectator at a car crash.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you - the C of E - and all of our Communion

Cal said...

Oh I'm so glad that you're not sure how to react. When I heard the breaking news last night my first reaction was 'hurrah' and then I realised that I hadn't a clue what this code of practice thing meant.

So very pleased also to hear about the various letters other than the '1,000+ priests say they will leave' one. Funny how it's only that one the media are focussing on though.

And of course I'm deeply frustrated by comments such as 'Catholics' or 'Anglo-Catholics' are against this - I want to scream 'only some of them' or 'you don't speak for all (Anglo)-Catholics you know'

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