Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sorry to be a sloppy blogger of late...I've been saving all available energy as I'm now officially Ill, having double-dose antibiotics, an interestingly bronchial cough and an ear that feels as if the entire contents of my head are trying to force their way out through the ear drum. Add to this mixture 3 school carol services, and a major family bereavement for my wonderful vicar and you'll probably understand why creativity and sparkle have been in short supply.
In more positive news, I spent today (day off) actually completing my Christmas shopping...OK so I wanted to die by the end of the first 2 shops, but I've done it!
And, better still, I am totally in love with 2 new Wild Goose publications, Candles and Conifers and Hay and Stardust. While I've been not fit to get on with parish visits, I've had a lovely time putting together the Crib service and the extra non Eucharistic family service for Christmas morning, both of which have benefitted hugely from these books....but not as much as the Curate!

Christmas Coming

This Christmas, Lord
take a corner of my life
and steal in...
invade the busyness of my doing
with the quiet of your coming.

This Christmas Lord,
take a corner of my mind
and steal in...
illuminate the darkness of my thinking
with the brightness of your seeing.

This Christmas, Lord
take a corner of my heart
and steal in...
infuse the coldness of my loving
with the warmth of your Being.

This Christmas, Lord
as at Bethlehem's stable,
come and steal in...
take the unprepared places of my life
and make them fit for your dwelling.

Pat Bennett from Hay and Stardust


jo(e) said...

What a terrible time of year to be sick. Hope you feel much better soon.

Anonymous said...

What bits from the two books are you using for your crib srvice? My usual practice is get "them" to tell you a bit of the story then get someone to read a bit from Luke and we sing a carol; get them to tell you the next bit of the story... We also get the crib ready and have some brief prayers. I'd be interested to know what has caught your fancy - I have both books (and Cloth for the Cradle too)

Tony said...

Oh, get well soon, Kathryn! These early years of ministry can be hell at the major festivals, till you learn to pace yourself / not work so hard / go into hiding etc.

I hope you get better enough to enjoy the holy times, get something out of the worship for yourself, and have something left over for yourself and the family.

God bless; and hugs to you too.

1 i z said...

get well soon K