Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Donkeys, human and otherwise

On a displacement trawl through blogs near and far, I found that Lutheran Chik had enjoyed a sermon on our affinity with the donkey on the first Palm Sunday…there just because “The Lord has need of him”.
This brought to mind a story I’d loved when reading it to my children about 10 years ago, The Donkey’s Tale by Margaret Gray. A quick hunt on Google produced the joyous discovery that, though the book itself is out of print, the whole thing, complete with pictures, can be found here.

I was so happy to find it. Now I'm wondering if you have to be old friends with it not to see it as twee or doubt someone will tell me! For me, though, in a week when it’s too easy for clergy to feel themselves essential to the smooth running of Easter, it was definitely helpful reading. See what you think? and then remember to laugh at yourself :-)

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Mary said...

For more on a similar theme see Tony at Storytellers World on "Available" (help! how do I do a link here?)

Thanks for the donkey link and further opportunities for displacement! The thought about laughing at myself is highly relevant as last night my hate/hate relationship with the church audio, and a rushed journey home to lead a meditation, resulted in my forgetting how to turn the sound on and off, fumbling my radio mike and finally playing the wrong track, so we had Haydn's "Woman behold your son" when it should have been "My God, my God....." - and of course some people recognised it from the night before, and the timing didn't fit (someone complained I'd stopped the track on a subdominant chord...). It is of course the words that matter most, but....... either I need to learn to laugh at this kind of thing or we need a new audio system!