Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't judge a boy by his cover...

Came home from Woolacombe to a strangely unfamiliar middle child. Giles, whose last hair cut was sometime before Greenbelt 2003, has had all his hair shaved off to enable him to act a more convincing Annas in the school's production of Jesus Christ Superstar this week.
The child was born with lots of hair...I've never ever seen his scalp before, and it looks disconcertingly as if he has had a rough time with chemo. Not quite sure why this is so disturbing,given that I know the real explanation, though I had a similar feeling the first time the kids borrowed Caroline's electric wheelchair...
But we are all wondering how the new look will impact on the rest of the world. G has threatened to become a Mail reading, Union Jack brandishing antithesis of himself for the duration, since he imagines that this is how he will be generally regarded. I must admit, I'm uncertain how the congregation will cope when he puts in one of his rare appearances in church on Easter Sunday. His protective covering, (egg cosy to the rest of us) will clearly not be whatever else, he'll be jolly chilly.
And all for his Art!

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