Thursday, March 03, 2005

The interrogation continues....

More questions...this time for Dave, Dylan and Giles. Some of them are duplicates, partly because I ought to be writing my talk for Women's World Day of Prayer tomorrow, and partly because I really like hearing the answers...sorry if you feel I'm being uninventive.

1) What do you most enjoy about your work at the moment?

2) Tell us about one thing you hope to achieve before the end of the year (apart from clearing your desk)

3) Given unlimited funds, how would you choose to celebrate your next birthday.

4) If planted in a new city tomorrow, what would your criteria be for choosing a church?

5) What gives you hope for the Church, if anything!

1) Tell us about your favourite poem. What is it and why is it special for you?

2) You have the chance to interview ANYONE in the world, living or dead, for an in-depth feature. Who do you choose and why?

3) Tell us about one thing that really made you smile this week.

4) You've suddenly found a gap in your diary, an unexpected day to yourself. How do you spend it?

5) What is your favourite part of worship? (I know this isnt an original question, but I really enjoyed answering it myself for reverend mommy)

And finally, Giles
(let me tell you, it feels seriously weird setting out to interview your own son :-) )

1) What book do you think has had most impact on your life so far?

2) You have the chance to introduce one new law to the UK statutes. What is it?

3) What would YOU rescue if the house went up in flames? (assuming you could find it in the chaos of your bedroom....oh no, hang on, sorry, that's your sister!)

4) What makes it hard for you to find God in church? (Is that an unfair question?....if it is, then tell us where you find Him most easily)

5) I'm planning a special meal for your next birthday. Who would you like me to invite, assuming that anyone asked would be bound to come.

There we are, folks...I'm now putting away my clipboard and returning to the construction of a creative 10 minutes on "Light for the world", thanks to the women of Poland. Must, must, must stay away from blogdom till it's done.


Anonymous said...

I thought Giles was an anarchist. Isn't asking him about a new law like asking a pacifist who they'd most like a war with ;-)

Kathryn said...

He's an anarchist who plans to do Law
But your wonderful comparison reminds me of Mary Grey saying at a conference in 2003 that fighting for peace was like bonking for virginity.
Happy Thursday, folks!

Giles said...

Good, tough questions. I'll have to think for a little while, and there may (you never know) be a few suprises. Thanks, and keep on mummyin'

dave paisley said...

In the true fashion of Dave verbosity, I'll be answering them one at a time. First answer going up now :)

Giles said...

Right, some semblance of a set of answers has been transfered from cracked mind to cr*p website. Maybe the answers will change with more thinking time, but I at least think I've been honest, if not always interesting...

Sally said...

Just read Giles' answers. You must have some extremely interesting discussions in your house! Thank you for starting this fascinating 5 questions

Sarah Dylan Breuer said...

My responses to the five questions are finally posted on my shiny new personal blog, Grace Notes. Thanks for the questions! By the way, I've been trying to post a comment here for a while to say I'd done it, but comments seem to have been down on Good In Parts -- I kept on getting a message that there was no such blog when I clicked on 'Comments' at the bottom of an entry. Glad they're back up!