Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ho- sanna, hey- sanna

Just back from the first night of the production of Jesus Christ Superstar for which my beloved son sacrificed his hair...and I have to say it was worth the sacrifice. There was something incredibly powerful about watching teenagers live through the agonies of the Passion, and my suspicion is that 90% of the cast had forgotten they were acting long before we reached Gethsemane.
It was stunning...even without the emotions of a mum realising that this is her daughter's last ever school play. Inevitably the rest of the run is a sell out,which is rather a shame as I'd love to go back for another dose later on...can't think of anything better to help me focus on the Holy Week ahead.

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Humble Secretary said...

Is there a video for adoring fans to feast their eyes on - I am sure there are a fair few of us who would like to see this.