Saturday, October 28, 2006

Has anyone seen autumn?

Since October began, I've been confidently expecting its arrival, but it seems to have been mislaid in this part of Gloucestershire at least. As I look out the window, the sycamore in the primary school grounds is still in full leaf, though one or two trees up the road have turned overnight and dropped all their leaves in blackened heaps on the pavement. I've been on wet walks to hunt for it, heard rumours of its arrival here but on the whole it has been conspicuous by its absence almost everywhere that I've looked for it.
Nonetheless, today the dogs and I accompanied the horse and his boy for our first outing from the new yard. Truffle horse seems to have settled happily,- so there's at least one member of the family I can leave without anxiety on Wednesday. The new yard is very close to this splendid pub (where we celebrated HG's 18th en famille) and only 12 minutes away from home, so there are certainly advantages in the long run from this enforced move.
Short term, though, we don't know the rides so we stuck to the lanes, (while dodging battalions of hearty types out shooting pheasants) - but all in all, it was a good morning.
But, oh dear, there was so little autumn to enjoy.
I want to scuff through piles of leaves and harvest mushrooms and sloes from the hedgerows - but I guess all that will just have to wait for next year. Today, these were the very best that the Cotswolds could offer..and by next weekend the landscape will be startlingly different for me at least.


Songbird said...

Our nice scuffly leaves are all soggy now. :-( Makes me wish we had raked!!

MGBF said...

I went on a walk with Max and two of my sisters for Feed the Birds Day (yesterday) and I found a leaf pile to jump in. We ate those rosy apple sweets and fed ducks and it felt very autumny :-D

Stacey said...

You may have some of my autumn - although, really it seems that we've leaped right from summer to nearly-winter, with no real autumn to speak of. Very sad. But hey, if you want some brisk weather ("brisk" here today means 60 mph winds and possible snowflakes) and colorful leaves (all on the ground, thanks to the 60 mph winds), I have plenty to share.