Thursday, October 19, 2006

A post about nothing at all.

When confronted with an unexpected free slot due to a cancelled meeting, a study that has been hit by the blitz (and the terriers) once again, and the continuing need to get things tied up before India, naturally I..........
  • gaze in rapt fascination at the iRiver which has just arrived. Those of you light years ahead of me in the technology stakes will be totally unsurprised that it's both seriously tiny and seriously cute. Can't believe it will achieve everything it claims...if it does, this could well be love. OK, so the instructions are beyond me, but that's why you have teenagers, no? I'll let you know when I'm in a position to actually play music on it...meanwhile, please keep thinking of musical mementos for me to take on the India trip.
  • check and respond to any possible email, even message that don't require a response ever
  • check the state of the shirts I bought in a charity shop yesterday to take to India, and had to dye because they were in impossible colours (now rather pleasing sludgy blue, so I'm well-pleased)
  • join the cool kids in taking the Personal DNA test. Of its accuracy I can say little I think(not least because an experience of seeing myself through the eyes of others this week has been a wee bit confusing...)...But some of it definitely made sense, and whatever else, it's rather pretty!

What to do now?? Surely doing something useful can't be the only remaining option?
I know...I'll have some lunch then tackle the study.


Songbird said...

Sounds like a plan to me!

Imperfect said...

it's so cool tht u do so much charity work.

Anonymous said...

"Imperfect" - your name says it all. That's where I am.
That's where we most of us are.
There's always more we could/should do but sometimes the reality is different.

Chris said...


Your profile says "procrastinator of distinction" ... I think you are pretty self-aware!! ;-)

Also, to judge by this post, pretty similar in approach to me ...!

Enjoy the new gadget!

f said...

Sounds a positively constructive day to me compared to mine. Have spent far too much of my day off either asleep or checking the e-mails (of which apart from another lovely picture and your reaction to the ones I sent you there have of course been none). Oh well, I'll do some WORK tomorrow. Much more constructive

Anne said...

Heh - I'm a benevolent experiencer...

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi Kathryn, enjoy the iRiver and have a fantastic time in India