Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Vignettes 2

After that dramatically unpromising start, the day thankfully improved.
I presided at the 10.00, which also included the baptism of 2 members of our First Communion Group. S and J are both old enough to know exactly how special the day is…but still young enough ( Reception and Y2, if my memory serves me correctly) to show huge enthusiasm.
The whole service was a joy, but one of the best of all moments was when I was introducing the signing with the cross…We’d talked beforehand about invisible labels, and about the cross serving to remind us of just how much God loves us….so I decided to risk asking the boys what it was all about.
S, with a grin as wide as the whole world, opened his arms and said delightedly
“It’s God’s HUG”.
Lovely to know that at least one member of the church family has got the message!


Songbird said...

That must help make up for it a bit!

Mark said...

That's lovely.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, K! cross = God's hug. This, I will remember.