Friday, October 20, 2006


Just back from seeing Pipe Dreams, the play that Riding Lights are currently touring. Publicity described this as an "hilarious" whodunnit - and certainly there were some witty exchanges and good laughs to be why did we come home silent, subdued?

In a week in which I feel I've wasted time to a huge and uncomfortable extent, it was hard to evade the question put into the mouth of a Tanzanian woman, whose daily life is one long search for water
"I wonder what people do with all those minutes in which they don't have to look for water".

Minutes I didn't even realise I was fortunate to enjoy.

No less shockingly, I'd thought of the need to use only bottled water for everything in India from my own viewpoint...a needful precaution to avoid illness but really rather a nuisance. Tonight, before ever I leave home, I was reminded of what the daily reality of impure water actually means for so many people.
Yes, I'll have to be careful for 4 weeks, but then I will come home to turn on the tap and drink my fill.
Pipe Dreams reawakened me to the scandalous unfairness of a world in which we (I) squander unthinkingly a resource that should be freely available to all. There must be more I can do...I suspect these guys would be a good starting point.

UK readers, please just go and see the show....believe me, it's worth it!

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