Thursday, May 24, 2007

Being busy

I really haven't got time to blog at all, still less constructively this week -so naturally, here I am!
Life is being led in a rather stream-of-consciousness way, because I'm knee-deep in funerals and addresses/sermons for a wider range of situations than normal, which has left me with a constant anxiety that I'm about to use the wrong words for the wrong people in the wrong place. Special service to sort out with/for Koinonia; Annotated Eucharist for 1st Communicants; euros for Dufflepud's History trip; wedding rehearsal; did I remember to appear to inter those ashes? is there any milk in the fridge? and what about flea-ing the animals?
I'm out every evening too. Deanery Synod and PCC shouldn't be allowed to fall in the same week, such is their life-enhancing potential.

On the other hand, an evening spent listening to Ken Leech speaking (for InclusiveChurch) around the question "What is a parish in the post-Christendom era?" was simply wonderful. The awful thing is that by the time I can process and blog it properly we'll probably be hurtling towards the end of next month and the moment will have passed. He has always been a mega-hero for me, and is probably partly responsible for my long-time yen for a run-down urban parish (or is it that yen that made him a hero in the first place?). With "The Future" becoming something I really do have to consider seriously, I'm trying to discern whether I have, in fact, anything to offer in the sort of context I've aspired to for so long. I was 25 when I moved away from Kennington and the life of SJDK. It might just be that my vision of inner-city ministry is impossibly romantic and that I couldn't even begin to cut the mustard if I actually found myself in a UPA parish. I just don't know, - but I'm trying to be open in all directions.
Amazingly, I had the chance to actually talk to Ken over a curry later last night, when obviously the fact that I could have said anything meant that I managed to say nothing very much.
But he's no disappointment, that I can assure you. He must surely have done Greenbelt in the past, - Isn't it time he returned?

Over lunch today, though, the net result of such a good evening was another visit to my amazon wish-list, to add those of his titles I don't actually own (too many, actually- my former vicar was generous with her loans, so that I have some sad and unlikely gaps where I'd thought beloved books were actually my own). And that was not a good experience, because I really really want to buy all the books listed there,- but my "to read" pile is currently even larger than my "to do" list. Oh dear.
I do struggle with the concept of a wish list anyway - it feels as greedy and me-centred as those difficult Saturday mornings spent negotiating with LCM in Peter Jones to determine what china we could both live with for the next, who knows how long. On the other hand, there are some among my extended family whose talent for gift-selection encompasses fur coats for vegans etc, so you could argue that it's more a matter of self defence. Either way, though I do have a birthday soon, it seems more than ridiculous to ask for anything from that list when the Christmas titles remain, for the most part, stacked unread around the study...Bother!

We had some CME last Saturday on using the Bible in ministry which I'd also like to blog about, specially in the light of the comments on the Lectionary the following day...but not yet. Of course, I could probably have produced something coherent and (possibly) worth reading in the time it has taken me to witter away - but I didn't. Indeed, I chose not to. Paul had it right, didn't he?
Right now, it's time for the next funeral address, I think - or shall I do a wedding, just for variety?

Neither - at that point the phone rang...My bank, checking some strange spending patterns. Thank God! I might otherwise have found myself financing c£2000 of someone else's spending - but the splendid Co-op guys were wide awake, so though I had to destroy my card and will spend some time changing passwords on every site I visit, no harm done. Nasty feeling though.
Do remember to check your accounts, peoples. Please.


Lorna (see through faith) said...

The bank thing is scary. It happened to Sally too. Can I ask - do you use wireless? It's all starting to be a bit - read very - scary.

Both her bank and yours were - on the ball- but how much identity theft is happening that we aren't even aware of.

as I said scary

as is how busy life can be. Wish lists are good - family and friends are appreciative - I only hope that Amazon's lines (and others) are secure too.

Caroline said...

It all sounds very very busy, Kathryn. Hope you manage to find some "Kathryn time" soon.

MikeF said...

That's quite a wish-list, Kathryn! Annie Dillard and Eugene Peterson - clearly a woman after my own heart...

St said...

Is appearing to inter some ashes the same as actually interring them? I hope so. I could build a huge ministry around apparently caring rather than actually.

And galad to hear we are not the only parish with PCC and Deanery Synod in the same week.

serena said...

Your wish list is rather more erudite than mine ...

Glad the Co-op noticed the spending thing before any more damage could be done. How do you find them as a bank? I'm looking to switch now that I'm free of my overdraft ...

I'm going to see Ian Bostridge tomorrow ( - I'll add some extra applause for you!

Like Caroline, hope you have some "Kathryn time" very soon :)

Lots of love xXx

Kathryn said...

Lorna - yes we do have wireless, but it's a protected network
Serena - smile, the co-op internet bank are great
Kathryn time? - we're off to the boat for a couple of days at the end of next week,when Hattie Gandhi can join us too...till then, it's head down and keep on keeping on.
But thanks for asking x

Sally said...

so glad your bank picked that up- mine did too ( as Lorna said) our wireless is also protected- but apparently hackers can break in anyway.... it leaves you feeling a bit strange doesn't it....