Monday, May 14, 2007

Christian Aid week began

with a splendid lunch cooked by both Youth Groups yesterday.3 courses, some truly amazing puddings and a great crowd there to serve with a smile. We had a visiting preacher from the Cathedral (will blog something from his thoughtful sermon later) who was most impressed with it all. I found myself hovering on the edge of telling him "We're not really as all-age as this looks..." but realised in time that of course we are. We're just not that good at getting together in one place with one purpose,- partly because the parental generation that might act as cement between teens and grandparents is largely absent from our congregation.
So that makes things like the Christian Aid lunch even more important and special.
After Evensong (at which I preached a not-particularly-inspiring-but-what-the-heck sermon) had a happy time with the older teens, who are creating what promises to be a really exciting take on the Eucharist for their birthday service next month. It's frustrating to have to say "No" to some good ideas that just won't be workable with our building as it is (and my vows of canoncial obedience as they are...) but I think there will be enough fresh vision and real enthusiasm to challenge and inspire all of us. I do thank God for those kids, again and again.

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the reverend mommy said...

I would love to hear one of those types of sermons....