Saturday, May 19, 2007

Reality bites

Never underestimate the concentrating effect of realising that by this time next year you really will have to have moved out of your home and found another job!

I know you all know (I've told you, for one thing) that curates can only stay in post for 3 to 4 years.
I've thought about the future, of course. I've dreamed of the sort of parish I might work in, and prayed and talked and dreamed some more,- but at one level I think I'd not really taken in that it will happen to me, till WonderfulVicar received a letter asking him to consider receiving a new stipendiary curate next summer.

Suddenly, we have to rework the parish profile, and the fact that a house full of Flemings and other animals gets a bit battered seems hugely significant.

And I'm looking hard at all the things I will leave undone, and feeling sorry - and speculating about those which may lie ahead, and feeling inadequate.
Good thing I believe in God!


marcella said...

I have been going over my "readiness to change" reconer in that course again, and have decided that on a scale of 1-10 I get 0 on this one. Any chance of Wonderful Vicar being able to say no thank you, we'll keep the one we've got?

Songbird said...

Ah, you're ready for it, Kathryn! I feel sure of it. Not that it won't be a strain, but thank goodness for the reminder from the outside that God has new things for you to do.

Caroline said...

Not sure what to say. On one level I ache for you and for those you will be leaving. On another I rejoice in the new challenges and stimulations and the joy for others in encountering your ministry.

Any chance you would be offered a ministry in Bedfordshire?

MGBF said...

Noooooooo... Don't leave us... :'(

Anonymous said...

I remember being in a same position - although the first that I knew a new curate was being introduced to him at Evensong one night - about 4 months before he was due to move in! Prior to that I had been there wouldn't be another curate and I could stay as long as it took to find the right job.

Prayers as you discern what is right for you and the family. Where ever you go you will be a blessing. I can't help hoping that you move slightly east and into the Oxford Diocese!


Mark [Spi-dir]

Kathryn said...

Oh lovely people, you are balm for the nervous curate's soul...Amy, Marcella - I'm not going anywhere for a good few months (in fact, Amy, I'll probably last at Koinonia nearly as long as you will...don't forget you hit the big wide world yourself next summer too)..Caroline and Mark, thank you so much for making me remember that I have friends in all sorts of places. It IS an's just that every now and then my innate cowardice threatens to take over ;-)

Caroline said...

given that you were the first curate St M's had had in a goodly lt while, and that horror of horrors you are a female curate, i hope that you are able to feel justly proud that both the diocese and the vicar/ parish have been so impressed by your contribution and their witness of your growth that they are even contemplating continuing as a training parish.

if i were a new curate i certainly wouldn't be wanting to step into your shoes...(and as for stepping into what is left of the privet Drive curatage once Dillon moves out....) ;)

Mary said...

Have you thought of returning to your old haunts in southwark? It would be great to have you asa neighbour.....

Lorna (see through faith) said...

poor new curate - yours will be VERY hard shoes to fill

the timing for a move is good with the kids having finished school ... but yes the move will be hard and exciting

hope it's near enough to the houseboat - or does the CofE have ministries on the canals that would be great methinks

stuart said...

As one who sits on the other side, so to speak, of what is a slightly different but in some ways similiar system. All I can say is trust God and sit back and enjoy the ride!

Chris said...

There are so many conflicting thoughts and emotions, aren't there? A difficult time.

All I can suggest is pray ... and come to York! ;-)