Thursday, May 31, 2007

In which the Curate is spoiled

Tomorrow I will age perceptibly. I know this not because I have advance warning that the day will be particularly stressful (though it's possible, I suppose) but because of simple chronology. That's just the way it works.
But today I feel hugely loved and thankful....just look what happened at Little Fishes.

I'd kind of thought (fx) whisper 47 wasn't much to write home about, but low-key isn't a concept that the wonderful Lightstone family in particular are prepared to countenance. The design in the middle of the cake is our rose window at St M's, which C and B had photographed and then had printed onto edible paper...quite amazing! And the last time I had a cake with little sugar flowers on must have been while my mother was still alive; because childhood cakes looked like that, this somehow feels extra authentic (and the cake is pretty yummy too). So it's been quite a morning, followed by good pub lunch with a friend who found time in a madly busy and not great day to come over and be with me. Oh, I am so blessed!
What's more, I now understand why people were so peculiarly eager to get me to enter the church by the west door! Talk about spoiling. I never expected to make it to the West Porch boards,- this is clearly the silly season.


Grace thing said...


cheesehead said...

Brilliant! Happy birthday!

I am right behind you, turning 44 on Monday. (I daresay I will not get such a nice treatment at St Stoic, though.)

Hope the day is wonderful.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow - hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Ruth says:

Have a very happy birthday.

(I still enjoy reading your marvellous blog. I sit quietly in the corner, taking it all in)!

Jonathan Hunt said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely cake... how wonderful to be so appreciated. Take these memories with you the next time someone chews you out!

Dr Moose said...

Excellent! Many Happy Returns for the Morrow!

1 i z said...

That's some serious cake-age - if it tasted half as good as it looked then it must have been fab!

Happy Birthday Lovely Lady!

Sue said...

Happy birthday! The cake looks wonderful.

I hit 47 about six weeks ago. It's a strange sort of age. Still closer to 45 than 50... but only just. Make the most of it!

Caroline said...

Happy birthday! (Thought I had posted this yesterday, but clearly not...)

Cal said...

Happy Birthday.

Hope you had a fab time. The cake looks yum and I love the fact they put a posted up in the porch for you - you are obviously well loved there!

(I did leave a comment when this was posted but it seems not to have appeared)

Serena said...

I missed your birthday! Nooo! That'll teach me to spend a few days offline ...! Anywho, I'm glad you had such a lovely and thoroughly spoiling day :D