Friday, May 25, 2007

Still no time

and less inclination to get on with anything serious.
All this week's funerals done and dusted. In the event, WonderfulVicar rescued me from back to back services in two different places, which was a great relief - but meant that I didn't get to see the chocolate bouquet that the family had decided was most appropriate to their father.
Never dreamed of such a thing - but a quick google reveals any number of images so clearly I just don't know the right people!
When I was at Cambridge , a guy organised a Milky Way tree , as a wild romantic gesture for his chocoholic girl friend during a May Ball...I wouldn't actually object, if anyone felt like trying that ever, though I'd prefer Green & Blacks, if I'm honest. Not when I'm dead, though: I'd hate to miss out.

Now it's time to shift focus to weddings - and the usual 11th hour sermon panic, compounded by some sort of throat infection which has made me both Groggy and Croaky (a disreputable law firm, perhaps?)
Will hope to find time and inclination to blog something worthwhile very soon.

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Lorna said...

Groggy and Croaky sound like HP characters :)

new book comes soon. yea!