Sunday, May 20, 2007

In other news

  • the general feeling of change and movement was exacerbated by the realisation that, with Hugger Steward beginning his study leave on Friday (A levels start on 4th June) I now have more children out of the school system than within it. When and how did that happen?
  • I might just be in love - with the guy who sang the priest in Dream of Gerontius last night - the birthday performance of the CK choral society. I had attended to support friends and parishioners singing, and to hear the lovely James Gilchrist as Gerontius...knew nothing about the baritone singing the priest but when he started "Go forth upon thy journey, Christian soul" - well, let's just say that if it had been up to me, I'd have been instantly obedient. What a voice! It made the evening really rather special. Suspect we may hear more of Derek Welton in the years to come
  • Had there been any doubt, I'm happy to confirm that St M's is indeed, officially a house of God. This morning I was handed a letter from the local council, addressed to "The Owner/Occupier, St M's Church..." asking the Lord whether, as a resident, he had any objection to a change of use in a nearby building. I'm tempted to leave the envelope on the altar and see what happens.
  • Actually, after a really lovely 8.00 celebration this morning, there was absolutely no doubt for this curate at least that God is very much around, at St M's and most other places too. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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Dr Moose said...

Love the Council Letter! :) Even better than the case at College a few years ago when voting cards arrived for a "Sarah Witham Thompson Hall" and a "William Thompson Hall." A whole new meaning to Block Voting!