Sunday, March 09, 2008

One thing from the check list (STILL being shallow)

I've just bid successfully for some crewel work curtains on ebay...I should end up with 3 pairs, new, fully lined for about half the cost of the fabric I'd been about to order (and which I'd then have had to pay to have made up)
I do marginally prefer my original choice, but definitely not to the tune of an extra grand!
And I'm happy that the magnolia calm of the vicarage is going to be enlivened by a bit of India too.
If you think these are plain hideous, don't say...getting anything ticked from my to-do list seems close to saving the world right now!


Disillusioned said...

Well done:
- they are lovely
- you have ticked off one job
- you have saved some money, and
- you have saved yourself the time and trouble of making curtains.

Has to be good!

RevDrKate said...

I'm very impressed that you think to buy curtains on-line. You rock! And they are really awesome.

Mary said...

I curtained my flat from e bay. It's a very satisfying feeling when there's actually something there you like. Well done!

Songbird said...

I think they're very pretty!

marcella said...

sudden dreadful realisation - when my mother becomes too old to spend her life in charity shops snipping up bargains, I'm going to have to shop for my own curtains. Yikes. You've done very well here, perhaps I'll just employ you as my personal shopper

LutheranChik said...

I love vintage textiles...if I ever became a personal-goods appraiser I think I'd specialize in those. Your curtains look wonderful!

cheesehead said...

I like 'em!