Sunday, June 04, 2006

Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire!

I found this last year,- and rather stupidly didn't keep track of where (so many apologies if I'm infringing your copyright). It rather says it all about St M's, though in fact there was quite a bit of movement about the place this morning,- and with OpenHouse this afternoon, who knows?

Dutifully we fill the pews
Hushed by the organ’s lull
Then animatedly share our news
Before the preacher’s entry
We chase the dust
From nooks and crannies
Do the flowers, ring the bell
Welcome strangers,
Transport grannies
Bear banners on special occasions.

Special Occasions?
Is this one today
With this and that
And so much more
We had forgotten
That flames
Might leap up overhead
And whirlwinds
Lift us off the floor.

Come Holy Spirit, come!


Sally said...

Light the flame Lord- in every land- bless Kathyrn , encourage and guide her as she leads the church where you have placed her as your servant.

lorna said...

love the poem.

and AMEN to Sally's prayer. Lord set us all on fire for You and Your glory