Monday, June 12, 2006

Post Script on Calling

Now why didn't I remember that I had this written in an old journal? I found it while searching for something quite different, and it would have been wonderful to share last week, but since I've failed there, perhaps it will speak to someone reading?
It's by apparently by Henry Rohr (though I can find no reference to him anywhere, and was wondering if it might have been Richard really). Either way, it's good, I think.

I know that I was called.
the message was quite clear
and yet I cannot see
the how, the why
I feel so weak, so ill-equipped
for such a task.
And yet I am prepared
to say my yes
and undertake the risk
and entere the unknown
responding to the call.
Trustfully treading my way
the only one
that leads to life - to Him.

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