Thursday, October 25, 2007

Half empty or half full?

Recipe for a-less-than-perfect day off…

  • Forego lie-in in order to go for bad haircut (usual stylist away – Curate a congenital wimp when it comes to challenging any sort of expert – result, a trim that became a complete and startling re-style, shorter than I’ve ever had it before….tolerable now I’ve washed it myself…but still not good)
  • Watch the dangly part of lovely amber ear-ring that HG brought back from Poland disappear down plughole (again – redemption followed via LCM and a quick disconnection of the U bend, but there was a prolonged state of grief and shame-at-stupidity before this happy resolution)
  • Attempt to recycle plastics and cardboard three times before suceeding. First of all the plastics bank was absent and the cardboard bank full, then plastics was there but cardboard missing - and finally they were both there in all their glory. And no, I didn't go out of my way 3 times in order to achieve this, - which would surely have been counterproductive in green terms - but it was irritating nonetheless. Indeed, if I'd not been hugely committed to environmental concerns I would probably have dumped the whole lot in the wheelie bin after the second attempt, rather than teetering around like a bag-lady on a bike for much of the morning.
  • Sally forth to collect HS from work TWICE because his hours were changed at the last minute and he couldn’t get to the phone till too late
  • Plan and head off on trip to enjoy autumn colours on nearby wooded hill – only to be thwarted by notice advisiing “Hill closed due to erosion” (Actually, we drove on and found somewhere nearly as good, where we could and did run down steep slopes through carpets of leaves in the approved manic fashion)

The slightly disturbing thing is that, give or take the hair (which will assuredly grow again), all of these minor whinges were redeemed by bedtime…but the impact of the initial frustrations meant that when I was asked how my day off had been, my first thought was a grumpy one.
I guess all the stuff that we’re told about the power of first impressions holds good for experiences too. I forgot the things that had worked first time in favour of chuntering about those which had been frustrating...
Since I’m generally ridiculously positive about most things realising that I’d been in a “half empty” frame of mind yesterday was a bit unnerving.
Guess there could be a reason for this - but it's still something to watch.
Maybe I'm expecting too much of days off, so get unreasonably disappointed when they bring with them their own crop of average realities. Who knows?
The working day today has been pretty much positive all round...and as there are 6 of those to every 1 of the other, I guess I should just cease my mutterings.


more cows than people said...


bummer days off are big bummers. too tired to say much more.

sally said...

Think I need a day off...but it would involve a lot of housework and tidying! The running through leaves wounds a good idea though... xx

Cal said...

Oh gosh, sometimes days are just like that aren't they. Horrid.

I guess on the bright side you might get a sermon out of it!