Saturday, October 27, 2007

You need to read this

John Davies, a Greenbelt friend (and the author of one of these which look to be a thoroughly Good Thing) has been following the M62 across England from Hull to Liverpool for the past 2 months. He's a fine writer and his walking blog has been well worth reading, with much to ponder - but nothing more so than today's post.

The more I have been pummelled in the tumult of motorway ghosts speeding past me on my slow journey, the more I have become convinced of the deadliness of the disconnections our society has accepted. A people who can no longer move at walking pace, a people who must wall out children or run them down, a people radically disconnected from each other (whilst sharing the same spaces), a people radically disconnected even from our own bodies... I think we either have already died or are in an irreversably critical condition.

Go and read the rest here - I think that it is both important and beautifully written.

In conversation recently I concluded that perhaps the priestly task is, quite simply, to help people to see. What we should do and be once we have seen is another question, and a challenging one.

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