Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In time of kleenex

God bless those who suffer from the common cold.
Nature has entered into them;
Has led them aside and lain them gently low
To contemplate life from the wayside;
To consider human frailty;
To receive the deep and dreamy messages of fever.
We give thanks for the insights of this
humble perspective.
We give thanks for blessings in disguise.

Michael Leunig from The Prayer Tree

Small selfish footnote
(And, if it's not too contrary to the spirit of the above, we pray for a total recovery by tomorrow..)


Preacher Mom said...

Prayers for a quick recovery.

Great poem, by the way. I don't guess I've ever thought of it quite that way!

Sally said...

Love this Kathyrn- hope that your recovery is well underway! :-)

Michelle said...

What a wonderful prayer!! I printed it out to stuff in my breviary, and prayed it for my youngest, suffering (not quietly) the miseries of the malady! May all recover quickly - (and may the books dry).