Friday, October 19, 2007

Public announcement

Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls and especially dogpals...I thought you should know this. As I came home from the 7.30 Eucharist this morning, none of the children heading for the junior school were wearing uniform.
I bumped into a group that I know, and asked what was going on, and was told, with beaming smiles, that
"Today is MUFTI DAY"

Mufti wishes to thank her devoted public for this sign of recognition of her central importance in all things, and will be giving audiences in the Curate's study by appointment throughout the day.

Edit; explanatory note for More Cows and others....Mufti = British Raj slang for "
Civilian dress, especially when worn by one who normally wears a uniform. "...It was chosen by HG as the name of her puppy-with-a-posh-pedigree and kennel-name to match, so that on state (uniform) occasions the dog concerned might be known as Wyafon Kawarra but the rest of the time, in her everyday clothes, she's "Mufti".


Songbird said...

Hurray for Mufti!

more cows than people said...

i plead ignorance- mufti?

and holy cow- 7:30 eucharist! after being sick all week esp!

and... i can't deciper your encoded e-mail address my way. i'd love to add you to my friends on facebook, though.

Tom Allen said...

God looks content with his day of adoration - but what a wonderful word Mufti is -soooo much more evocative than "non-uniform" day. Brings back wonderful memories of my first Head of Division (an ex military man turned priest) who could never get used ot my more informal ( youth worker) style of dress at CMS HQ and would walk past me on the days when I forgot to wear a tie and say " Good Mufti morning" what a brilliant word - I assume it has military origins.

SpookyRach said...

I wasn't sure about mufti either. Thanks for the explanation. Clever name for a pedigreed pooch!

In response to your question, space is the one thing we have in abundance in West Texas. Sometimes you can't even give the land away. ha ha! However, the portion of the cemetery in that picture was new, so not many burials there. It will fill up more as time goes by. However, we never have to worry about overcrowding in our cities of the dead. Not yet, anyway. My town/county is celebrating it's centenial this year, so there's not been hundreds of years of dead folks to muck up the landscape. *grins*

Anonymous said...

I agree with Songbird --
Hurray for Mufti!

rev mommy who is not going to sign on on a public computer and risk serious hijacking of all her accounts.....

Tom Allen said...

God of course should read God - now you know why I am a dyslexic Vicar!

Now lets see if I can get the word verification right at the first attempt?


Tom Allen said...

God should be dog!

Right this time?


Kathryn said...

Tom - without any dyslexia lurking, my sermons far too often contain references to Dog and all Dog's this was simply redressing the balance ;-)

Caroline said...

lololololol love it. hug to mufti and to all who worship him.

more cows than people said...
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Lorna said...

did they contribute to charity for the right to go mufti


were they all wearing jeans ? (grin)