Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Just thought you'd like to know

that our second annual pet service went very well. Again, a preponderance of dogs, all of whom behaved beautifully (perhaps in awed response to the one cat who appeared to ensure that standards were being maintained.

What's more, I managed to put my money where my mouth is, and to bless Neville, whom I'm assured is a rat of great charm and distinction. I do claim to belong to an inclusive church, after all (but am so thankful that P's snakes remained at home, as they might have pushed me further than my theology can go).

Sadly, though the Evil Dillon was duly blessed and behaved impeccably for the duration of the service, it seems to have had only minimal effect once he left the building. Preachers' kids are one thing, preachers' dogs no less troubling on occasion. He raided the laundry basket again this morning...Honestly, you'd think he had shares in M&S, the rate he is destroying my underwear. St Francis, where are you when I need you?


Mary said...

Did the cat really consent to be held for the whole service.... amazing!

Preacher Mom said...

What fun! Although I have to admit that it might stretch me a bit to come up with a blessing for a rat!

Jonathan Hunt said...

We have three rats. I used to prepare sermons in the same room as them so they were preached to regularly.

Our dog has been to church, too, but only for the purposes of a bad photographic joke...