Saturday, October 06, 2007

A late arrival at the thankfulness ball

A Friday five on thankfulness is too good to miss, specially on a slightly sad Saturday (see below) when I could usefully practice a quick exercise in "Phillipianisation" (think of such things as are true, honourable, just, pure…)

List at least five things/people/places/graces….whatever…for which you are thankful

  • My wonderful children each of whom has made my heart sing since the moment they were first placed in my arms…each of whom has developed gifts and talents I would never have expected while sharing enough with me to enable us to take delight in the same things…each of whom expands my horizons as they expand their own….…each of whom, as they grow, remains as huggy and affectionate as even their most soggy mother could wish…
  • The seaside…where no matter how troubled or despondent I feel, things always regain perspective…where I can sing at the top of my voice and never worry that I'm disturbing anyone…where I connect with my own father, who loved the sea above all things apart from his wife and daughter…and with my heavenly Father, whose love is just as boundless
  • My work…the endless wonder of being welcomed into peoples’ lives, of hearing their stories, celebrating with them, weeping beside them….being given words that sometimes make a difference…knowing that what I try to do each day really matters
  • Children…in church, at Little Fishes, in school, at youth group (yeah, OK, they are only loosely children, but I am hugely thankful for them)…who give me so much and show me God in countless countless ways
  • Books…somewhere to escape, since childhood…poetry…fiction….more recently travel…but the truth is that I would always rather read the Cornflakes packet than not be reading….
  • Animals...those in our family, my madly exhuberant dogs and the dignified and cuddly cats...Nipper, Truffle and other ponies along the way...Bill who has single-pawedly persuaded me that lurchers are charming after all...and all the other dear dear pets I've known and loved
  • Music…to listen and to perform…singing was the first route to God for me and remains one of the surest…when I get to heaven, there will be the B Minor Mass …unless, of course, it’s Spem in Alium…or some Dunstable Motets…or it might even be U2.
  • Hot baths with lots of bubbles - and the first cup of tea, in bed on a chilly morning
  • Perfect autumn days, like yesterday (though it would have been wiser of me to seize the moment and head out for a walk then, as today is chill and grey once more)
  • My friends….old and new, near and far , virtual and real-life…which of course includes you.
(I know..that's not five in any possible sense of the word - but the rubric did say "at least" - so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Anyway, it has cheered me hugely to find more than 5 things for which I am seriously and deeply thankful, even with ear-ache and without a horse to my name)


David "DJ" Mills said...

Praying now for you and for a speedy recovery to health. -dj (A fellow Anglican near Dallas,TX)

Grace thing said...

I loved this thankful entry. I've been away from your blog for a while. I've missed you! Thanks for sharing your thankfulness...blessings to you...