Saturday, October 06, 2007

So that's it, then

this afternoon an era ended for the GoodinParts family as I exchanged a horse passport for a moderately large cheque, and handed the delightful Dales cross Trufflehunter on to an excited 10 year old, her Mum and the all-important small sister.

It's a move that makes perfect sense. Hattie Gandhi is simply not around enough to justify a horse, and the Duffelpud's weekends are increasingly full of other things, even without the little matter of our having no idea where we might be living this time next year...So, when the dream family appeared, living right next door to his current yard, and asked if we might want to sell, how could we say no? They really are the best possible home, - since there's every chance that if M grows out of him (unlikely), or loses interest (no, I never thought it would happen either), her 4 year old sister will take over,- and their mum plans to ride and enjoy him too.
It might, in other words, be that desiderata a home for life.
Could not be better.

What's more it's October...
Evenings drawing in. Mist and mizzle.The joy of early mornings removing freezing mud from hooves before anyone can even think of riding out. I ought to be dancing the can-can all round Privet Drive.

But horses and ponies have been part of our family one way and another for all the past decade. Add to that my own unfulfilled childhood dreams, and you've got a pretty large chunk of my life in which things equine have been highly significant.
Now it's over. Just. Like. That.
So, here, for old time's sake, is the horse and his boy.

We did have fun.


Songbird said...

What a sweet picture and a tender goodbye.

serena said...

Awww! Am sure Dufflepud is chronically embarrassed by comments like this, but he is positively adorable on his pony!

Sophia said...


Just another example of why I often want to move to your world for a while... just the idea that there could be time and space for a pony. I got to take riding lessons on and off as a child, and as an undergrad I rode three times a week... even learned hunt seat (finally after all those years I got to jump over things!) Grad student husband and I did some volunteer work with a riding academy for disabled children when we were first married, so every couple of weekend I got my fill of tacking, grooming, and hoof picking.

That all seems so far away now as I sit here typing in the Big Apple. It's looking more and more like I will be in urban ministry anyway, so the little girl inside me who always wanted to live on a horse farm has to let go of the idea.

So glad you found the perfect home for your pony.

1 i z said...

Loving his fluffy feet.

The pony's aren't bad either...