Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Delight or warning?

Now that we are definitely into autumn around here, and have moved into daylight-saving mode, I find that many of my journeys seem to involve heading east at sunrise and, conversely (if unsurprisingly) west at sunset...and the skies have been completely and mind-blowingly fantastic.
The trouble is that while once I would simply have rejoiced at their beauty and wondered what any shepherds about the place could expect by way of weather, I'm now rather concerned that quite so many clear skies and stunning light shows may be a further sign of the damage we're doing to our environment. After the floods of June and July and an October that closely resembled the Junes of my childhood, even the most sceptical in these parts are beginning to suspect that there may be something amiss. Are these fairytale skies also signs of the times? I've no idea of the science, but I have to say that as they appear day after day I'm becoming distinctly nervous.

Nonetheless, the drive back from Hereford
this evening featured such beauty
in my wing-mirror that I just had to stop
and wonder.

In case it's not familiar, the "shepherd" reference is to a piece of Old Wives' lore that proclaims
"Red sky at night, shepherd's delight.
Red sky at morning, shepherd's warning"

So now you know!


RevDrKate said...

The pics are stunning, but I am with you on the wondering. I have been thinking about that too with the unseasonably warm fall we had. Enjoyable weather, but.....

dave paisley said...

or, as Alan Coren once wrote:

Red sky at night; refinery's alight.

Songbird said...

Is it possible the skies are there to get our attention, to make us really notice the beauty that remains?