Thursday, November 22, 2007

A thankful post

A couple of years ago, wonderful Bishop Stephen Cotterell came to lead our Shrove Tuesday Quiet Day in the Cathedral…It was a good good day (though bitterly cold) and towards the end of it he sent us away to ponder the things that God gives us as extra treats just "because [to Him] I’m worth it”…because he loves us completely, wholly, unswervingly – with an everlasting love.

This was my list then – those things that brought (and bring) me most joy…the things in which I see the un-mistakeable evidence that I’m loved

“Because I’m worth it God gives me
Bach cello suites, Mozart Arias and a children’s choir singing folksongs
The dogs playing rough and tumble
The smell of new-mown grass
Candle-light on Christmas Eve
The nestling stillness of a new born child
The warmth of holding and being held in love by children taller now than me
Springy turf beneath bare feet
Hot water welcoming me at the end of a long day
Words falling in the perfect wholeness of a Herbert poem
Family music-making
A cat curled purring on my feet
Watching waves dance in sunlight or assault and bruise the shingle shore
Pools of coloured light falling on ancient stone
The half glimpsed pattern of stained-glass
More and more people to love – a web of friends stretched right across the world
Little Fishes and their parents, who allow me a space to play"

This morning, at Little Fishes we passed around a light and each adult in turn shared one thing for which they are thankful. The children gave their carers a Thank you sticker (you try buying affordable bouquets in November) and we were thankful together, for all these things and so many many more.


Songbird said...

I am thankful for you!!

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

what Songbird said ... and I love the stickers :) They last - affordable bouquets do not!

marcella said...

and I just thank you Father for making you you.

a feckless boy said...

This is a lovely piece. Helps me remember. thanks