Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not my will...

Another gem from that training day

Vocation is going from one place to another
In the direction God wants.

Vocation is responding to so many demands
Even if they demand a lot from you.

Vocation is knowing to be still in your inmost being
And listen to the voice in the depth of your hert.

Vocation is living the life of Him
Who is God’s Son, the Living Word.

Vocation is always wanting to choose Christ
So as never to lose Him.

Vocation is meeting Christ in your life
And letting Him speak through you.

Vocation is the strength of God in your life
Which never lets go of you,
Even if for a time
You see his light no more
You no longer understand his voice
And have to walk the road alone because of Him.

Vocation is giving sharing and breaking for distribution.

Vocation is giving love for love.

Vocation is dying, but dying in order to live.

Vocation is kneeling, praying and bowing down

Vocation is always being a witness to the Lord.

Vocation is walking the Lord’s way to the end of the road,
Through desert and death
Till we reach the eternal.

Put your life then in God’s hands
And know the He in Whom you trust
Loves you with an eternal love. Fr Gerard van der Ven


Preacher Mom said...

I absolutely love this! Not to mention how much I needed to read this. Thank you for sharing.

Sue said...


(but I do wonder if it should be 'kneeling, praying and bowing down' rather than 'blowing'...)

Kathryn said...

Sue, I love you - that was a really good giggle for a Monday morning.
Suspect the typo was a Freudian slip inspired by the arrival of howling gales that have abruptly ended autumn in these parts...but even so I guess i'd better correct it ;-)