Monday, November 26, 2007

Most remiss

It was pointed out to me last night that I had failed sadly in my pastoral duties. After all, it's pretty rare in these parts for someone to give up their Sunday evening to catch up on an act of worship they've been unable to attend.
Generally, if someone in the congregation is missing, it's the fault of the clergy if we don't check that all is well pretty speedily (though of course there's the attendant risk that this might be construed as unwelcome intefering....). It's certainly the exception for a parishioner to appear in contrite person, asking for a blessing - and when they do, it is surely something to celebrate, not to ignore.

So, let me without further ado publish a photograph of the penitent in question.
She had a wonderful time at Youth Group, once we had persuaded her to emerge from beneath her chair...
but I'm still relieved that the other "no show" from St Francis-tide, Hissing Sid himself, has thus far remained at home.

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Blueberry bunny said...

Fankoo Kathryn for giving me a lovely blessing, even though I missed the pet service!