Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Going public at both ends"

is the slightly infelictious way in which the Bishop suggested that we announce this morning that the period of scanning small ads and wondering (and worrying) is over for the Curate's family.

I spent Wednesday being interviewed by parish reps from Cainscross and Selsley and at tea-time that day the phone rang
"We'd love you to come..."
I'm still trying to sort out my thoughts and my feelings.
I loved the people whom I met on Wednesday and the little glimpse of the two parishes (which have been a "united benefice" for a while now) - and I'm bowled over by the brand-new vicarage.
(It has, praise the Lord, a fireplace - so, for my family, I'm onto a winner come what may!)

The two communities, one urban, one rural, are very different - and both have so much to offer, so many strengths to build on, so much potential to tap. But I'm very aware that there are challenges, both obvious and unimagined, ahead. When I left the interviews on Wednesday I said to Longsuffering Clockmaker
"I have no idea whether I'm up to the task, but I'd really love to work with those we'll just have to see if God wants me there"
Given the final outcome of the interviews, I have to believe that God does, and that He will give me the gifts I need in order to love and serve those people for his sake.As Hattie Gandhi pointed out, twenty-five years after leaving university - I've finally got a responsible job!

I want to leave here well - to tie up as many ends as are mine to tie and to ensure a smooth transition for the Dufflepud, who is in the run-up to GCSEs next summer, so I'm hanging on in Charlton Kings until after Easter. I know that may look like malingering to my new congregations, who have had a year of vacancy (though their NSM Associate Priest, who trained with me, is a real treasure, and they could not be in better hands) - but with such an early Easter I could not in all honesty be ready to leave here before Lent began - and it seemed wrong to arrive for Easter without walking through Lent with these people.
So I have four months to prepare, to read, to plan, to pray.
Please pray too for the parishes of Cainscross and Selsley, and for the whole Good in Parts family as well. I'm so looking forward to discovering where God wants us all to go together.


Paul said...


congratulations. I hope it will be a blessing to you as you will be to them.


Rhys said...

your reading list should include The Vicar's Guide - Life and Ministry in the Parish edited by David Ison

I'd lend you mine - but someone should buy you your own copy. And if they don't then I shall happily buy you one

MikeF said...

Wonderful news, Kathryn!

We are still in such a state of delight with our new priest here, who was licensed in May, that some of our joy at her arrival after a long interregnum spills over into how I read your news. But I think I could sense the rightness, the solid sense of God's hand in it, in what you wrote.

You have my prayers, now and in the long run up to Easter!


Caroline said...

huge hug

Disillusioned said...

Many many congratulations

more cows than people said...

woohoo!!! happy for you!!!! and for them!!!! and for christ's church all around!

marcella said...

All prayers and best wishes to you and to the parishes

mumcat said...

What wonderful news! Congratulations to all. I know you will be a blessing to them and they to you.

Mazel tov!

Dr Moose said...

Really pleased that it's all come together! Does this mean that you stay in the same diocese?

If I dare offer any advice take it slow, take it steady, be yourself and enjoy it!

(And if you are in the same diocese, do you know Chris Bryan at Lechlade? I trained with him at Cranmer, too long ago!)

Songbird said...

Hurray! And God bless you, and your family, as you make this transition.

RevDrKate said...

Still grinning! So, so glad for you! You will be splendid.

Cal said...


They did very well to snap up such a gem!

alice said...


Karin said...

Congratulations Kathryn and well done! I hope you and the family will be very happy there.

Mary Sue said...

Mazel tov! Many blessings on your transition!

cheesehead said...

Thanks be to God!

liz said...

magic. look forward to continuing the journey with you. Do they know that time for blogging is part of the deal?

Sophia said...

I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!!!

Linda said...

Congratulations, Kathryn. How very exciting (and humbling) it must be to be contemplating this move. I know you'll be a wonderful pastor to the people who await your coming.

Chelley said...

Many congratulations and how great for those churches... you've been a blessing and inspiration to me just through all that you write!
With prayers for you, your family, the church you're moving on from and the churches you'll be leading. x

Chris said...


Very many congratulations on finding "the place(s)". Wonderful news! God bless you all as you prepare to leave and to arrive.

My wife (and parish priest!) comes from Stroud and was born in Paganhill (!) She wonders if this is in Cainscross parish?

One thing does worry me, however. As a fully-fledged Priest in Charge, will you have to change the name of your blog??!

Lorna said...

this IS good news :)