Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time well spent (part 1)

Everyone seems to be considering their schedules at the moment (here, here and here for starters), and I am very aware that I need to build in some strategies to ensure that my time is spent sensibly (no blogging at random moments, I guess) when I’m a real live Priest in Charge (Yes, I know it would be good to get that sorted as a curate – but with fewer non-negotiable responsibilities it has been a bit more fluid – sometimes alarmingly so).
At last week’s interview, I was honest about my struggles with schedules.
It's not that I’m fundamentally disorganised. I used to run the office for a busy charity before ordination, and once upon a time I co-ordinated a huge network of volunteers via the NCT (something I’d almost forgotten till I was doing my skills-audit before the interview) – but I do need lots of pressure in order to accomplish things. It's certainly true to say that the more manic my life is, the happier I am (in an hysterical "Omg, I'll never get it all done" sort of way - but, friends, those shrieks are a necessary part of the process) and the more I'll achieve.Longer deadlines, though, are a disaster. The Little Fishes Songbook which I began planning 2 years ago will be done before I move on – but probably only because I am moving on. Hmmn. Really not great. The strategy I suggested at the interview was to build myself artificial deadlines along the way – and to deal with all the straightforward and undemanding stuff as it comes up. Sounds simple, but we’ll have to see. Meanwhile, I’d love any tips (particularly from other ENFPs) about sensible time management, and tomorrow I'll say a little more about the vexed question of how I actually use my time at the moment.


SpiritMists said...

Here's one from an ENFJ with a borderline P....I finally gave up trying to manage my time---I just seek to try to not let it manage me. On days when it is absolutely essential I get things done, I tell myself that at X time, I am moving on to the next task, even if I leave the first one unfinished. It forces me to try to budget within a smaller time frame, and also lets be more creative as I move from task to task, rather than try to dredge out one task forever....then it peters away the rest of the day....Just my strategy!

marcella said...

misunderstood the meaning of "borderline P" completely at first! I too need deadlines and the person in our family who is most Entirely Normal For that Place is absolutely HOPELESS without them - something we have somehow to get across to her tutors who seem to think that extending her deadlines is actually helpful.