Friday, December 07, 2007

Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth

but it's my belief that he does it on purpose.
This afternoon I took my distinctly achey back to see the wonderful McTimoney chiropractor who cheers it so reliably.
T is wonderful - but her work doesn't come free, so it makes sense not to do anything that might strain, disturb or otherwise upset my back for at least a few hours afterwards.
But when I came home from Evening Prayer, it was to a Dillon who was black where he should have been white, and whose b.o. was unbearable.
So, I've been crouched over the bath washing a recalcitrant jack russell.
I know he does evil things all the time - but how does he know to tailor them so precisely?
Wretched animal. That's £35 he owes me!
He really has got to go....


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