Friday, December 28, 2007

Auld Lang Syne Friday Five

It feels a little early still to review 2007, but with a Friday Five to inspire me I've been reflecting on memorable moments of the past 12 months. It hasn't been the easiest year I've ever lived through, and though it has seen some important resolutions there is still alot of stuff I'd love to have come to better terms with by now...but looking back, there has been so much to treasure. A year in which Greenbelt, in all its wonderfulness, isn't absolutely at the top of my Things to Remember is surely a year that has had alot going for it. I'd hoped "memorable" might also mean "photgenic", but the more I thought the more I realised that the sort of experiences I'll carry most decisively with me from this year aren't on the whole the stuff of point-and-shoot cameras, and some of them, indeed, aren't wholly mine to share...but this is at least a vaguely representative selection. goes

  • The shout of triumph with which Hugger Steward burst out of his room having opened the envelope offering him a place at Cambridge (echoed 8 months later as he opened his A level results)
  • Spending my birthday on board Polyphony with all my children together and the sun shining
  • Celebrating an Alt. Eucharist with Koinonia on Remembrance Sunday - sharing the Sacrament as Peirce Pettis sang "God Believes in You" (the Koinonia Birthday Eucharist in June isn't something I'll forget in a hurry either - specially "We want to see Jesus lifted high")
  • The Eucharistic Prayer at Midnight Mass - feeling as if I was somehow singing those words on behalf of everyone in the whole world
  • Anwering the phone an hour after getting home from the interview day to hear the Bishop say "We'd love you to come"


Sally said...

I love your description of the mid-night mass prayer! It is my favourite service of the year, if I could preside at only one that would be my choice!

Counselor in Process said...

I loved the part about singing on behalf of the world-including me!

mompriest said...

Wow, what a lovely description of your year! Blessings for the year ahead!

St. Casserole said...

Wonderful memories of your year!

RevDrKate said...

Love this...specially those last two...since you stole my voice for the one and oh...those prayers for the other! (Even if they were on the wrong day) Can't wait to share the adventures ahead in the new call! Love and blessings for 2008!

Diane said...

oh, I loved and adored your number 4! singing on behalf of the whole world!
that is a gorgeous thought!

revabi said...

Well, what wonderful memories you have for the year. Thanks for sharing them. I love your one about singing. Hope you have a great 08