Friday, December 07, 2007

I've seen the daemon whom they think might be mine - and was rather overwhelmed by his sheer I'd be really grateful if we could establish whether or not he's really mine to keep!
Hattie Gandhi (a very stern critic where film versions of much loved books is concerned) reports entirely favourably on The Golden Compass (once she had got over the small matter of the change of title from the UK version "Northern Lights") - so I guess I need a daemon to accompany me to the cinema.


more cows than people said...

whoops. i don't know you that well, so perhaps it isn't fair that my assessment took away your beautiful lion! please forgive.

The Sledgehog said...

Its not letting me click on things... have you got the email with your profile page? I've found mine - mostly -

although I did it several times and it changed each time. But at twenty my daemon really should hsve settled, although I suppose I'm not bleeding again... hm...

Anyway, I think my fox is most accurate, but I liked my snow leopard & my butterfly too!

The Sledgehog would like you to know that she also has a review on her blog - although it contains a few very slight spoilers