Thursday, December 13, 2007

St Lucy's day

Given Hattie Gandhi's true identity, the fact that my very favourite Godmother has lived in Denmark for most of my life (where the St Lucy's day traditions are honoured to the full) and the fact that I've always, always loved the poetry of John Donne, I couldn't let today go without lighting some candles and reflecting on the gathering darkness and the Light that is to come. However, Donne's Nocturnall upon St Lucie's Day is considerably gloomier than I'm feeling at the moment, as I bask in the unfamiliar glow of having produced the order of service for Christmas morning a full 10 days in advance, so here's one of Ruth Burgess's lovely prayers for Advent instead (you'll find it and so many other resources in Candles and Conifers)

Bright star-maker God
travel with us through Advent
Shine into our dark corners

Lead us into ways of justice
Warm us with joy and wonder
Bring us to new birth.


Mary Sue said...

We're having a Santa Lucia procession at the Big Blue Box tonight at 7pm.

Lorna said...

Lucia Day is big here too :)