Monday, December 17, 2007

If you came in the Spring

I meant to read this at the end of my sermon on Great Expectations yesterday, but in the event it felt that I might already have spoken too many words, so instead I offer it here, another gem from the Iona Community's Candles and Conifers, this time from Thom M Shuman, which reflects further on the unexpectedness of the nativity

If you came in the spring,
we could expect newness,
bright yellow flowers
to soften your path,
the songs of birds
to herald your coming.

But you came in
winter's despair;
the chill of complacency
settled upon us.

If you came in summer
we could expect you
to be bronzed
stepping from the sea.

But you came
in a stable,
a wrinkled baby
with animals as midwives,
and angels for playmates.

Help us to set down
our parcels of expectations
to reach down and scoop
you up in our arms,
your laughing breath
giving us life. Amen


liz said...

Kathryn, Thanks - just what I need for my midweek service. I'll take another look at the book too - its gathering dust on my shelf!

rajm said...

'angles for playmates'!? well I suppose they do some smoothing! Many thanks for posting those verses though