Thursday, December 07, 2006

Advent challenges

Yesterday's offering was no easier than its predecessor, so I'm wondering whether, as Wednesday is my day off, I can exempt myself from trying. You think not? Ah well.
Here it is, anyway, in case you're made of sterner stuff..

Reflection for the day
THOUGHT: “God does not love us because we are valuable: we are valuable
because God loves us.”
Fulton John Sheen 20th cent., RC archbishop in USA, prolific spiritual writer
ACTION: St Paul observes that we can “pierce ourselves with many griefs”.
Consider what harm you do to yourself: with what unnecessary
‘grief’ do you make yourself unhappy? Today, believe in your own
worth and decide that by Christmas you will give up that self-harm.
PRAYER: for the courage to love oneself so that love for neighbour becomes
more real.

Today I "simply" have to focus on humble and unobtrusive service to my neighbour...which is fine until I reflect that this almost certainly includes my family. Oh piglets. Whose idea was all this anyway??

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