Saturday, December 09, 2006

More displacement

But truly, a small purr is in order, since we heard last night that Hugger Steward has passed his Grade 8 flute by a very comfortable margin, despite his teacher being off sick for several weeks before the exam and his wretched mother (who can be quite useful for music practice, and even the odd bit of accompaniment) being on the other side of the world on the day itself.
It won't have much influence on the future course of his life, I know, but all the same, I'm faintly proud of him...His flute choir concert on Wednesday was just lovely too. Really worth the trip to Oxford, even if I hadn't been his mother!

In other flute news, I was nearly prevented from boarding the plane home because staff at Bangalore airport were reluctant to believe that the bamboo pipe protruding from my backpack was in fact a musical instrument. I must admit, the sounds that emerged from it when I tried to play did cast some doubt on its musical identity...but once safely in the hands of HS, it turns out to be positively tuneful! So there!

Oh, one more thing- a plea to praying readers. HS has some rather important interviews on Monday and Tuesday,- and though he'd hate my asking, I still feel a few prayers would be quite nice. Having your heart set on a particular university is maybe not the best move, but I was exactly the same at his stage, so I can but sympathise.

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