Thursday, December 21, 2006


I had a lovely morning at the Little Fishes Christmas service and party, but I'm currently feeling thoroughly unseasonal, for reasons that will become evident...
  • On Saturday night, the London Underground let Hatti Gandhi down badly, so that a relatively short tube journey took well over an hour, with the result that she missed the last coach directly to Cheltenham and had to catch the Oxford Tube instead. It being a 40 mile walk from there to here, I drove to Oxford in time to collect her when she arrived at 1.30 a.m.
  • We then returned home thankfully, with a nasty little voice in my head reminding me that I was "on" at 8.00 and could do with some sleep.
  • Apparently at some point as we headed up the totally empty Woodstock Road, my speedometer inched over 30 point of fact, it reached 35.
  • I know this because I have just opened a Fixed Penalty Notice....£60 and 3 points on my licence.
  • This is my first driving offence in 28 years, - why did it have to happen just a week before Christmas?
OK...I feel better for giving vent to that. I know it's a small irritation in the grand scheme of things, and since I clearly did break the speed limit, I should expect to be penalised. I'll get on with filling in the horrible form now,- just wanted to growl to the world first.

Post Script: Reasons to love my WonderfulBishop include his reaction to the obligatory email I sent yesterday to inform him that one of his clergy was the wrong side of the law. His response began "You wicked woman!" and concluded with the instruction not to lose any sleep over this, as he certainly didn't intend to. Feel much better this morning :-)


Anne said...

Definitely growl-worthy material - and particularly gruelling that the occasion was a mercy dash.

St said...

I picked up a similar one two weeks ago whilst in the wilds of the A46 from the M5 to Evesham meting a friend I mentor. My second in 31 years. I know I am guilty (41 in a 30) but gnash my teeth at the boy racers tearing down Trendlewood Way night after night where there are lots of kids and no cameras.

marcella said...

ALL the best people of our age have speeding tickets, although how I managed to avoid adding one from the same bit of road you were caught on to the one I aquired in the Forest of Dean getting I'll never know. Perhaps mauve Vauxhall Novas are invisible to speed cameras.
I DO hope that those who attended found the LF party lovely - have to admit that I didn't, and I don't even have an excuse for being a grouch.

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts can you edit my post - a to make it make sense and b to qualify the statement about the party - it was a lovely party and the children (and adults) behaved wonderfully, especially the star granny, but I'm still in an "it's not Christmas yet" mood.

Kathryn said...

Sorry...I could only delete, not have left your two comments to illuminate each other. Very grateful for all the fellow feeling!
Now writing lines "I will drive more slowly..."