Friday, December 22, 2006

So what have I forgotten?

My good friend Marcella is complaining (only quietly, of course) about not feeling specially Christmassy...and, without any good reason, I have to admit I'm in rather the same state.
Some of this I can blame on post-India syndrome, which tends to make the consumerist excess of a British Christmas rather distasteful.
Some of it might just be that fixed penalty notice (though I really should get over myself on that one).
Some of it is undoubtedly that I'm not actually rushed off my feet (here I am blogging, after all) and am wondering and worrying as to why...
What have I forgotten?
Incredibly after my whinges last week I seem to have written and posted cards (even including a letter of sorts) , despatched those presents that needed to be despatched and even wrapped a majority of those which will end up under our tree here (at least one of which I am very very excited about...can't say more as family read the blog, but it is a truly good present).
We've worked out a strategy for Christmas food that should balance the needs of vegi daughter and carnivorous men folk
I'm getting to see some of my very favourite people, (including a new baby great-niece-in-law - which makes me so ancient) and I get to admit 5 lovely children to Holy Communion on Christmas Eve, to preach at Midnight (OK, I do need to write the sermon) and to preside on Christmas morning.
Surely there's plenty of scope for seasonal joy bubbling up amid all that?
But it's just not real yet.
Oddly enough, I'm worrying about being too this morning's action from the Praying Advent series worked surprisingly well.
It read thus

Do not panic. Christmas is very near, but for you that means that Christ is very near. Let the unbought remain unbought now. Pray slowly and several times through today: ‘Lord Jesus Christ,Son of God, by the breath of your Spirit renew me.’

I'm going to try to use that from now on...and let the jollity (or lack thereof) take care of itself.

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