Saturday, December 02, 2006

I hate jet lag!

Having spent most of yesterday light-headed from exhaustion, and talking gibberish to all who came my way, I fell asleep delightedly at around 9.00 pm...(which meant I wasted a whole evening of Hattie Gandhi's company, as she is on a flying visit home,- but I wouldn't have been much use to her even if I'd been awake).
So far, so good, but I have been wide awake now since 2.30 am and this is really not the best weekend in the year to be drooping again by mid afternoon. As well as the Eucharist, there's Christingle, Advent Carols, and alot of wonderful people to catch up with. Meanwhile, since I'm clearly not going to get any more sleep, I've added some pictures to earlier posts. I don't think I'm up to intelligent blogging yet, though.
Do more seasoned travellers among my readers have any helpful hints for dealing with this? Or do any local ones have a spare sleeping pill? This is just silly!


Mary said...

Well, you could try arnica (not just for bruises) - either arnica 6 every 3 hours for a day, or arnica 30 3 times a day - basically, feel your way through it and reduce the dose when things improve.
And enjoy being home.....!

Songbird said...

Thank you for adding the pictures! I'm looking back at them now.
We were in India in 1977, and your stories bring it right back to life for me.

Kievas said...

Valerian root always helps for sleeplessness. The stuff smells awful, so hold your nose while you swallow!

My last trip to India required a week to get back into my normal routine--it's a little worse here in the US, though.

see-through faith said...

welcome home

drink plenty of water, get as much day light as you can (stay off the pc)and walk outside

you'll be over this pretty soon

welcome home :)