Friday, December 22, 2006

Revelations - or another attack of Five Things

the meme which is circulating at top speed around assorted blogs. Steve tagged me, in the slightly mistaken belief that I might enjoy playing. Perhaps I would have done, except that it's rather hard for someone who talks as much as I do to find anything that most people don't already know about me...On the other hand, it says nothing about five interesting things
so here we go
  1. I once circumnavigated the roof of Durham Castle wearing evening dress
  2. I met Longsuffering Clockmaker on the pavement outside the Albert Hall, while queuing for the Last Night of the Proms
  3. I once organised a national conference in London on Miscarriage and Neo-natal death at which all the keynote speakers wore snowboots (it was February 1991,- the same winter in which we were snowed out of our house).
  4. While I at Trinity I had special leave from the college council to keep my hamster (Antigone) in college,- the first undergraduate to have such permission since Byron kept a bear.
  5. I was the first ever girl to be Head Chorister at my school.
In theory I should tag five other people, but so many have done this already, and most of you are quite busy enough at this point, so if you want to play just say so in the comments, and I'll promise to drop in and read you revelations.

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chelley said...

Ha! I got married in February 1991!! I remember it well. The snow started a couple of days after the wedding (which was a tad chilly) and we got snowed in on our honeymoon (in the UK).
Exhub has been married longer to his now-wife than we managed (I don't blame the snow for that though)!