Sunday, December 31, 2006

On the fifth day

an outing to the Sales with Hatti Gandhi...netting one new skirt, 2 tops and a truly wonderful stripey mohair jumper from Monsoon.
It did, though, feel very odd to be the one shopping for England while HG failed to find anything that excited her madly...that's the sort of role reversal I find quite unnerving.

Later, I enjoyed her driving me down to Bristol to see our favourite hamster owner.
I'm doing really well in touching base with the people who matter most to me this holiday, and I'm so glad that I know them :-)


PPB said...

a jumper?
you really are British!

serena said...

Oh good stuff! That's a gorgeous jumper! Mum and I hit the Next sale yesterday, which went particularly well for me in the trouser-buying and birthday-presents-of-pretty-things-acquiring departments ...