Friday, December 08, 2006

Assorted bits of Indian oddity

revealed as I read through my diaries, in the hope of finding inspiration for this week's sermon (thus far without success)

Where but in India

- could you see a camel being ridden the wrong way down the fast lane of a city flyover?

- do you regularly encounter free range cattle in a shopping mall, or holding their own in rush hour traffic?

- would a rat run over your foot while you queued to use an internet cafe (now you understand why blogging was a little erratic, I'm sure!) ?

- would a cement mixer be pulled along the main road by a bullock cart?

- would a 4 lane motorway suddenly peter (or is that petre?) out into a dirt- track, forcing you to lurch through potholes akin to the craters of the moon for a crazy 200 yards, till the metalled surface resumes as though nothing had happened?

- would a beggar, clad in pitiful rags, whip out a state of the art mobile to call a colleague as soon as she thinks you are out of sight?

It really is the most extraordinary country. I'm so glad I experienced it (though you'd probably gathered that already).

1 comment:

Caroline said...

oh i don't know - that last one at least sounds strangely like bristol, except here there's no pretence to wait til you're out of sight....

the rest sounds utterly mind boggling though