Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just remember to listen. yesterday didn't go quite exactly as planned...but on the whole I'm glad.
The "time off" feature was highjacked by leetle bits of parish life, some allowed for, one not - but I've rarely been so thankful that I didn't play the "this is my time" card.

You see, over the past few months I've been beside a splendid lady from the congregation as she made her journey with cancer - and both she and her daughter had been anxious about how things would work out if she reached the end after I've moved on from here...She went into hospital at the weekend, and was clearly disengaging herself from life when I visited her on Monday. Yesterday, her daughter phoned to say that she'd been asked to come in, - never a good sign - so I decided it was time to throw the "oughts" out the window and go with the heart.
She was deeply asleep when I visited, but I prayed with her and anointed her and spent some time just sitting there holding her hand.
Her daughter phoned this morning to say that she has gone home.
Thank you, God....and Godspeed, E. Rest in peace, and rise in glory.

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Songbird said...

So glad you were able to be there, K.