Saturday, February 02, 2008

Since I'm currently procrastinating in the face of total absence of inspiration for a creative way of presenting the Good Samaritan to OpenHouse tomorrow (think under 7s and over 30s and you'll maybe see my problem - if you see my solution, PLEASE TELL ME!!!) I thought I'd post the lovely Candlemas prayers I used at the Ecumenical lunch yesterday. They made me very happy

Like Simeon,
may I grow old
in hope and wonder.

Like Anna,
may I be in love with you
all my days.

May I be open to truth,
open to surprises.

May I let your Spirit
into my life.

May I let your justice
change my behaviour.

May I live
in the brightness of your joy.

Starmaker God,
Lightener of the world,
bless us and warm us
into light and loving.
Bring to us the light of Jesus
all the length and breadth
of our nights and days.

You have found me.
I have seen you.
Daily I know you
cherishing me.

Kindle and draw me
into the light of your loving
every night and day
of my journey home.

As the candle,
so my life;
flickering, burning, changing,
alight and warm
with the light
which is you. Ruth Burgess from Hay & Stardust

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Disillusioned said...

Thank you so much for posting this.

Hope the ideas flowed for Open House!