Friday, February 08, 2008


Irony - today's action is
TV free evening and play games instead
clearly a move intended to increase family feelings and generally make things warm and fuzzy. However, in the interests of those very concerns, Hugger Steward, the Dufflepud and I did almost exactly the opposite, since we sat down together to watch Shrek 3 (rented from Amazon - oh, what a glorious scheme that is!)
We almost never watch a film together...and none of us watch much this felt like a very family-friendly thing to do (though I was sadly disappointed in the film...Where did the humour go?).
HS had cooked a very tasty supper too - so I think on the whole the spirit of the day was preserved, if not the letter.


marcella said...

I've yet to meet anyone who didn't do exactly the opposite of the instructions. Perhaps the authors of the booklet are just a little out of date and think that families sit round the TV every night together and what they could really do with is a game of monopoly before their cocoa instead. They obviously haven't heard of the divisive power of the Internet, computer games, doing anything to avoid being in the same room as your family member....

I watched a program about sharks in New Zealand - his choice you understand, but I think that was fulfilling the spirit of the task too don't you?

Songbird said...

I think an evening of Shrek, whichever number, sounds lovely. We love watching movies together. My husband complains, however, that the children and I talk to much throughout!