Saturday, February 09, 2008


Say a prayer for Archbishop Rowan. The UK media, who've long enjoyed misunderstanding and distorting his words, and misinforming their readers about his intentions, are engaged in a most virulent and disturbing assassination attempt.
His actual words, measured, intelligent, informed are here - (Yes you do have to think as you read - but I don't believe that should really beyond the bounds of possibility) and lots of good blogging picks up on the theme (See here or here
or here, among many others) The sickening backlash is to be found in far too many places to mention.
I love and revere ++Rowan Williams and rejoiced when he became Archbishop of Canterbury, as I was confident that his wisdom and holiness could only be a gift to the Church and to the world...Now, every time he delivers a speech there's this awful "car crash" feeling, as I wait for someone to seize a word out of context and raise the hue and cry. I don't know why the UK media seems to hate him so much, but it really seems that they do.
Watching the current circus playing out hurts - and if I feel that, then just imagine how it must be for ++Rowan and his family.
As I said before, if you're a praying person, then please do pray.


Jane Ellen+ said...

I posted about this Tempest in a Teapot earlier today... because it's not only the UK media who seem to delight in making mountains where molehills do not exist.

Even if one does not always agree with the archbishop, this sort of treatment is inappropriate. Prayers ascending.

marcella said...

I think the media hate him precisely because he IS wise and holy, and that is an enormous challenge to the shallow godlessness that is prevalent in the media - and yes, in most of our lives too.
Praying for him, and thanking him too for raising his head above the parapet instead of sticking to the tea and cucumber sandwiches which I'm sure is the role some of the media and politicians would like him to stick to.

Jonathan Hunt said...

I disagree with him a lot, but this outcry is quite pathetic. The sheer ignorance of it all and the way the media (BBC) has whipped it up is shameful.

That said, the day there is not some resistance to notions of SHaria law in our land, will be a sad one. (Yes, I know he didn't mean THAT)

John Davies said...

Yes, please do pray ... and drop him a few words in an email too just so he knows you're doing that...

Crimson Rambler said...

Praying for him daily, Kathryn, and checking his website almost as often...never coming away unstrengthened by what he's said, written, taught.
He doesn't make things simpler than they are...a favorite current form of lying...
would it be unkind to pray that his predecessor...might--perhaps a Lenten discipline--belt up?