Monday, February 11, 2008

LLLL - interruped edition

Yesterday I should have
done a local prayer walk
but, it being Sunday, that was just not going to happen, was it? I do try and make my walk up to the church a prayer for that community, and as I was presiding it was, as always, a gathering of the life of CK , the joy and sadness and all else in I guess I sort of complied, - but a prayer walk per se? No. Fraid not

Today I'm supposed to find out the names of my closest neighbours...Can't do that, because I know them already. I'd love to go visiting instead...there are 2 or 3 houses in Privet Drive where things aren't too easy right now, where a bit of support might be welcome. But I'm desperately trying to get myself sorted to leave for 4 days at Lee Abbey, learning about Messy will have to content myself with combining yesterday and today by praying for those homes I really ought to visit.
Isn't that sad? A parish priest too busy with her own agenda to go visiting...George Herbert would not be impressed. Actually, neither am I - but as G Herbert is one of the reasons that I can't leave the house right now, I'll just have to soldier on and do what I can in other ways.

Please, those who know me best, don't laugh at the idea of my needing to learn about Messy Church! I've thought of all those jokes already - but this is something different and I promise to tell all on my return.I'm taking the lap top and will blog if there's a connection...
In case of doubt, though
LLLL Tuesday - Find out about a local organisation or event you could support
Wednesday - Leave a thank you note for your postie
Thursday - Give a friend a home made gift
Friday - run an errand for someone in your locality.

I'll report on my success or failure later, all things being equal. Mind you take care while I'm gone...

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Mary said...

Ummm - you need to know that (unless there have been significant developments in the last year) Lee Abbey is in a world of its own: no internet connections for guests and no mobile signal. I once drove 15 miles inland before I could make a call. But it is beautiful - give my love to the walk round the headland under the tower, and the beach.